Demons Playground

My joy disappears with the sun
The demons rise with the moon
To play in my mind
Like children on the playground
Each demon a memory of pain
Tag! You’re it
The play gets rough
The demons cry
No one to break them up
No one to catch them when they fall
No one with a band aid
No one with a kiss and hug to help the pain
Exhausted they search
For someone
To tell them to stop
That everything will be ok
Eventually they sit in their own misery
Until the sun begins to rise
They settle into a numb realization
They are alone
They retreat to the shadows
Unable to stand the light
Because it makes things too clear
As the light of day dresses the world
The joy returns
And my mind is at peace
Or so it seems
Because the demons are still there
Waiting for the sun to set again
And my mind to open up the playground
For the demons to play
For my soul to ache with helplessness
To calm them, to save them
To bring them peace
And in turn, bring me peace


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